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L'Angoor Fine Dining

Fine dining is an art, and as such, an exploration, and intimate experience open to an individual’s finer sensibilities. Like Art, it is a celebration of the best in Man and Life. True to this spirit of higher accomplishment and joy, L’Angoor is conceived as a temple to the noble life. A place of congregation for the believers of Ability, Ambition and Achievement. Day after day, and night after night, within the confines of its four walls, L’Angoor celebrates the faith in Man’s superior ability to rise from the savage and reach for the sublime.

In the pristine opulence of its elegant ambience, amidst the transparent beauty of oak paneled walls suffused in dissolving light; to the mellifluous rising and falling strains of jazz music, and reaffirming laughter of life, Czars and Czarinas of this uplifting creed proudly toast to Beauty, Success, and Wealth. Every night, and every day, these pilgrims of Good Life raise their hand in a ceremonial salute to the avant garde Man – themselves.

As with every grand occasion that celebrates life, a L’Angoor experience is a ritualized extravaganza of exquisite cuisine, a selection of the world’s finest wines, and reverential service. The sensuous fete, like a classical symphony, is an inspired testimony to intricate balance and mutually complementing arrangement of good food and fine wine. Everything that reaches you, right from the hors d’oeuvres to the time you place your napkin back on the table post a delightful pudding or dessert, is handpicked by the Masters of the Ceremony – Executive Chef, Hitesh Gupta and Sommelier par excellence, Davide Zubani.

Befitting a King, the wine cellar stocks 130 of the best names in the world of liqueur, single malts and cognac. This royal collection is humbled only by the selection of jazz music at L’Angoor. Tracing the history of Jazz, from the original ‘Dixieland New Orleans’ made famous by William Bassie, to ‘Chicago Style,’ ‘BeBop,’ ‘Cool Jazz,’ ’Fusion’ and now, ‘Contemporary’ Jazz, for a true-blue fan the repertoire is a definitive study in the evolution of jazz music.

As the days fade into nights, and nights disappear into days, the panorama of Good Life unfolds over and over again at L’Angoor. In confident handshakes that seal million-dollar deals, in gentle smiles acknowledging a lifetime of love and togetherness, in ebullient laughter and suppressed chuckles, in words and coy whispers, the stories of success and joie de vivre play on. The glory of life finds expression as a subtle tribute in a raised arm, a fine liqueur, and a vivacious toast.

The celebrations at L’Angoor will continue, as long as Ability, Ambition and Achievement remain our creed. Every day, and every night, sparkling wine and a sensuous feast will be served to the accompaniment of scintillating music in the Temple of Good Life as an ode to joy. Do stop by. You are most graciously invited.


Swagat: Eating Out

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Delectable and Delicious

WHAT MAKES you feel like going out to eat—ambience, privacy, variety, delights and delicacies…L’Angoor scores quite well on this checklist of providing a delicious experience. The name L’Angoor sounds pretty wild and grumpy but the interiors are quite contradictory. Sophisticated and exclusive seating, especially for the connoisseurs of food and peaceful milieu rejuvenates mind and taste buds. The menu has been separately designed for lunch and dinner. You can’t find Indian cuisine on either of them. But there are servings form all the corners of the world which are delectable. The meat-eaters have the doors to heaven open here, having chicken, seafood and lamp in a variety of savors, but the vegans need not be disappointed either. So many dishes confused us, so we opted for chef’s special. According to the manager Anuj Gupta the best way to judge a restaurant is on the basis of its vegetarian food. So we decided to test some dishes on the same parameters and they fared pretty well. The salads wre light and so were the appetizers. Lunch is light and for the supper, there is sumptuous variety for the platter. There is a large choice for desserts, from simple ice creams to exotic Affogato.

What makes L’Angoor special—the chefs prepare the food in front of you. For the liquor-lovers, there is a collection of around 130 wines in the wine cellar. There is live Jazz band performance on Thursdays and Saturdays.



Go Now: A Global Culinary Journey

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GO NOW brings you a review of L’Angoor where you can set your palate free to engage in an exploration of senses.

On the onset let me clear that there is no monkey business here, it’s just French cum Indian Stylish way to call a wine lounge and to be honest I love the name. walk into L’Angoor, a cosy new trendy wine lounge in Gurgaon and one feels at home at once. L’Angoor marks a clear departure from often seen soul-less sleek minimalist restaurants, celebrating the nostalgia of the good old neighbourhood fine dining restaurants. L’Angoor comes from Interglobe Enterprise Limited which also owns China Club, an award winning restaurant.

A meal at L’Angoor is a global culinary journey with different lunch and dinner menus and an exclusive section of wines. The space is designed to suit the new way in which we eat, drink, listen to music and interact. With 40 covers, the diner has a live kitchen with a trendy and elegant interior which can be a perfect privatehideaway. Set your palate free to engage in an exploration of the senses.

Lunch is a lighter affair with a wide range of salads such as “prawns with orange and fennel” and burgers, sandwiches such as Tuna Melt etc., I chose to go the dinner route one Saturday as I love Jazz and the live band ‘CuentaCuentos’ playing Latino Jazz at the restaurant followed by the wine and cheese tasting with the in-house sommelier Davide Zubani made my evening all the more enchanting.

Coming to the food, I began my culinary sojourn with “Blue Summer crab cakes”, ”Herb Yogurt marinated potato barrels stuffed with cottage cheese and “Scallops served on a bed of corn-mush & pomegranates” which were all a great prelude of things to come. Foodies will appreciate the careful detail given to each dish, from the superior ingredients to the expert hands that craft each dish. To compliment this repertoire on offer is an enviable list of beverages; some of the finest single malts, liqueurs and Cognac add to the experience. L’Angoor has an exciting selection of over 130 labels of wines ranging from 1,600 rupees to 40,000 rupees a bottled stored in the state of the art temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar.

The main course, dishes such as Herb-crusted Atlantic salmon accompanied with mushroom risotto do not disappoint, however my vote goes all out for the succulent Jamaican spiced jerk chicken with cilantro flavoured rice and the delectable Rack of New Zealand lamb drizzled with rosemary scented au jus. Vegetarians can relish the scrumptious options of Herb Yogurt marinated potato barrels stuffed with cottage cheese, home-made gnocchi tossed in sun-dried tomato cream sauce, Zucchini parmigiana. Penny tossed in creamy tomato sauce topped with bocconcini and farfalle tossed in creamy pesto sauce. Share your desserts as all are gratifying. As for me, the “Mango Mascarprone, Affogato and Sgroppino” made a perfect ending to a sumptuous meal. With its impeccable food, trendy interiors and refined service.L’Angoor is a must visit for the food connoisseurs.






Go Now: From the Editor’s Desk

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With the winter well and truly behind us, it is time for sunnier pursuits. Up ahead is the well deserved spring break- a time to let loose and rejuvenate, a time of the year when many of us travel either to the hill country or those lush, picturesque tropical destinations for some rest and recuperation.

If you’ve made no plans for the weeks that your children are off from school, take heart for the city has a slew of activities. From art shows to live cricket action, golf tournaments and unique food offerings, there’s plenty to choose from.

In this issue we also present some delightful options to make your vacation both eventful and memorable. The Farm in the Philippines offers healthy holiday packages, replete with activities to restore wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. In Europe we take you to Bavarian Castle resorts, famous for their exemplary design and upper crust comfort. But then, you might prefer to taste the exotic ice wine from the vineyards of Toronto. Besides, a host of holiday packages on offer are sure to appeal you.

In shopping, we allow you to indulge in luxury with the latest fashion trends in apparel, accessories, jewellery and more. We portray designer siblings Nikhil and Shantanu’s journey in the world of high fashion and their efforts to contemporize India. We present Taragarh Dargah, a meeting point of various faiths.

The beer Café that debuted in the capital recently offers a unique beer experience. We feature this alongside Sevilla, the new Mediterranean restaurant at the Claridges with the chef’s famous receipes as also L’angoor that brings you global cuisine. In events, we feature the opening of Burberry , launch of the book ‘Pigeons to Post’, opening of the Neoveda spa at the Metropolitan and Flog the nightclub at Golfworx.

We hope you find this issue interesting.

Happy Reading!




Go Now: Fall in Love with Food This Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s day and what better way to express your feelings than over a tempting meal! On this day of affection find your moments of love while food plays the music of adoration. Explore the magic of culinary delights Delhi Restaurants have an offer!

Go Stylish @ L’Angoor

A fine dining restaurant which opened its door recently, is an ideal destination for a romantic evening out. L’Angoor offers uber trendy wine lounge with contemporary global cuisine to lovers of fine food and wine in chic and elegant ambience. Dinner is an exclusive affair with exciting options such as Blue Summer crab cakes, Herb Yogurt marinated potato barrels stuffed with cottage cheese and Scallops served on bed of cornmush & pomegranates. There is also the succulent Jamaican spiced jerk chicken with cilantro flavoured rice and the delectable Rack of New Zealand lamb drizzled with rosemary scented au jus.

Some of the finest single malts, liqueurs Cognac add to the experience. L’Angoor has an enticing selection of over 130 labels of wines ranging from 1,600 rupeesvto 40,000 rupees a bottle stored in a state of the art temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar. On Valentine’s, a Live band ‘Cuenta Cuentos’ playing Latino Jazz at the restaurant, followed by wine and cheese tasting, with the in-house sommelier Davide Zubani will make your evening all the more enchanting.

Where: Global Business Park, Gurgaon

Cost per couple: Approx Rs.3000 + taxes



Business Today: Live Local, Eat Global

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Already blessed with some innovative fine dining options, with the openings of the stylish wine lounge and global cuisine restaurant L’Angoor, the choices have just gotten better  for Gurgaon’s professional community.

In the burgeoning Indian world of fine dining, culinary wizards and wine stewards are rewriting the repast rituals. Now, L’Angoor promises to give stiff competition to the established eateries with a swank wine lounge helmed by resident sommelier Davide Zubani while executive chef Hitesh Gupta dazzles diners with his platters of chic eats.

The 40-cover restaurant at the Global Business Park in Gurgaon is neatly sliced into a bespoke lounge area and natural oak-wood dining space awash with warm lighting.

You can hit the culinary trail at L’Angoor  with zesty orange and fennel salad studded with succulent prawns or some spicy mozzarella samosas, which go down well with a glass of Felton Road Riesling 2008, redolent ripe apricots and summer blooms.

Zubani guides you through an extensive wine list featuring vintages like Chateau Latour and Chateau Mouton Rothschild from France, Barbaresco from Italy and Opus One from the US. All the 130 labels of wine, priced between Rs.1600 to Rs.40000 per bottle, are stocked in a temperature and humidity controlled cellar. Besides wine, tipplers can also choose from a wide variety of single malts, liqueurs, and other spirits. Complementing the fine spirits are luxurious fare such as Blue Summer Crab Cakes, Crunchy Apples and Gulf Prawns Wrapped in Chicken, Broiled Lobster Tail with Spicy Pomegranate Sauce  as well as Seared Alaskan Halibut.

Presentation is given top biling. The chilled melon soup comes in martini glass, streaked a funky crimson with red watermelon and white musk melon. Equally charming is a scallop appetiser where the juicy molluse is served on a giant spoon over a bed of golden corn mush and embellished with pomegranate seeds. But the restaurant‘s obsession with shape and texture is best reflected in a luscious kaffir lime ice cream that’s daintily scooped inside a whole orange shell.

Gupta aims to tease the palate with a starburst of Indian flavours like curry leaves, coconut milk, and mustard seeds that accent Western dishes like seared prawns. Even the lamb consommé scales new heights with a smidgen of coriander.

L’Angoor takes its liquors seriously, so prepare to be serenaded with chicken marinated in Cabernet Sauvignon, potatoes stuffed with lamb braised in Shiraz and more. The dessert offerings do not skimp on liqueurs either. The most glamorous entry in this section is the Groppino, a whipped concoction compromising Prosecco, an Italian white wine , lemon sorbet and vodka. The non-alcoholic  stars of the dessert menu include mango mascarpone as well as homemade ice creams with quirky flavours like midori and rose petal.

While dinner is an elaborate multicourse affair, lunch is more casual with sandwiches, artisanal burgers and pastas. L’Angoor is glamorous and experimental in equal measure. A dinner at this outfit can only be described as an exercise in culinary excess. Well, the guests definitely aren’t complaining!

Meal for two: approximately Rs.2500 without liquor

At : Global Business Park, Gurgaon

Phone: 0124-4061666



Live Latino Jazz

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Latino Jazz by Cuenta Cuentos every
Thursday & Saturday 8:30pm onwards


Glimpse: Valentine’s With Us

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Cozy up next to your  longtime lover or newfound fling at one of the restaurants in your area offering  special menus for valentine’s day. Valentine’s day can be easy on the wallet if you plan in advance. Team

Glimpse after a long search, have a few suggestions for an intimate, cozy, enjoyable or whimsical evening if you are game to please the palate and your loved ones on where to dine for this special occasion.



L’Angoor, a fine dining restaurant which opened its door recently, is an ideal destination for unique dining experiences. Located at Global Business Park in Gurgaon this Valentine’s.

L’Angoor offers uber trendy wine lounge with contemporary global cuisine to corporate executives, families, Gurgaon residents and lovers of fine food and wine in a chic and elegant ambience.

A meal at L’Angoor could be global culinary journey with different lunch and dinner menus, with an exclusive section of wines. Dinner on Valentine would be an exclusive affair with exciting options such as

Blue Summer crab cakes, Herb Yogurt marinated potato barrels stuffed with cottage cheese and Scallops served on bed of cornmush & pomegranates. The main course at L’Angoor has a wide range of seafood such as Prawns Newburgh and Herb-crusted Atlantic salmon accompanied with mushroom risotto. There is also the succulent Jamaican spiced jerk chicken with cilantro flavoured rice and the delectable Rack of New Zealand lamb drizzled with rosemary scented au jus. The trendy interiors are designed using natural oak wood, ranging from flooring to wall finishes to tables, making  for an elegant destination for an ideal meal. The exclusive and comfortable area can be perfect private hideaway, which could be an ideal place for this Valentine’s.




Hindu Business Line: Well Cooked!

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Will healthy cuisine become a reality this year? Diners have reason to cheer as top chefs steam ahead with ideas for healthy cuisine. Whether it’s Continental, Albanian, Iberian, Tahitian, or new-age cuisines, health friendly ‘ingredients’ are in focus with an emphasis on fresh and preferably organic foodstuff . leading food experts share their insights on the food trends this year. Wash ingredients really well. Look out for any signs of discoloration, bitterness or even allergic reactions. Learn more about genetically modified (GM) foods. They always look the most attractive in the supermarket, but look for valid accreditations. Always buy food which can be traced back such as branded flour, cereals, milk, and even sweets. Food adulteration is rampant, so be careful when buying from the open market. Serie cuisine may see a revival. Many forgotten regional cuisines are also returning to the table.

FAVOURITE CUISINE: Italian always, closely followed by North Indian food.

TIPS FOR EATING HEALTHY: Eat in moderation and frequently.

Limit salt and sugar.

Go for healthy carbohydrates and whole grains.


Executive chef, L’Angoor, Gurgaon

CUISINE TREND: Innovative and new world cuisine with unique flavours.

FAVOURITE CUISINE: Nouvelle cuisine (French cooking that uses minimum fat and starch) marked by freshness, lightness and clarity of flavour.

TIPS FOR EATING HEALTHY: Include lots of salad.

Switch from butter to olive oil for cooking.

Eat smaller portions at regular intervals.

Eat naturally sweet food.



The Man: Phonetic Calisthenics Apart

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PHONETIC CALISTHENICS APART,  this is an elegant restaurant with long row like seating. While there is little of all things French on the menu, it is indeed modern global cuisine. So while you have cheese samosas which make for an average starter, the chicken cooked in red wine gets the taste buds activated and salivating for more. The chef doesn’t disappoint as he serves up potato barrels stuffed with cheese and follows it up with a vegetable medley in cream sauce. The snapper is subtly flavoured and light on the stomach. The wine selection is truly huge – a tribute to the grape and the reason for the name of the place. Absolutely wonderful is the Kaffir lime ice cream. The flavours of this delectable combination linger in the mouth long after one has left the restaurant.



Metro Plus: L’Angoor is High on Style and Seafood

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L’Angoor located at Global Business Park in Gurgaon, packed among high-rise buildings, is an elegant and trendy place to eat out. The furniture, flooring and the wall finish using oak wood coupled with open kitchen add to the ambience.

The menu has an extensive offering with different lunch and dinner menus along with a wide range of fine wines belonging to the different parts of the world. What sets it apart from the rest of the pack is that the restaurant focuses on seafood, whereas chicken has been pushed to the back burner.

To begin with, chilled melon served in martini glass makes a fine duet of musk and watermelon. It is minimally seasoned so that the colours don’t change. From the appetizers section, spicy mozzarella samosas sprinkled with sweet chilly sauce seems to be a creative effort which scores on the taste front as well.

L’Angoor chicken with mustard infused Cabernet Sauvignon wine comes accompanied by a topping of Carlifornia grapes and is once more a visual delight. Another appetizer, scallops served on a bed of corn mush pomegranates, is innovatively served in serving spoons and is cooked to perfection. Finally , the seared prawns tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut milk is crunchy, replete with flavours of coconut and mustard. However for vegetarians, herb yogurt marinated potato barrels stuffed with cottage cheese is a highly recommended appetiser.

Thyme flavoured green beans and basil potatoeson bed of tomato compote served with fired leaks is both nutritious and flavoursome. The rack of New Zealand lamb drizzled with rosemary scented au jus is well-cooked and tender.

The desserts’ section at the restaurant is also lavish, with choices like kaffir lime ice cream served in an orange, affogato – a brownie topped with a vanilla scoop served with coffee syrup – and mango Mascarpone, comprising diced mango served in Italian cheese.