To a glorious life! Your life!

Jan 28, 2011

L'Angoor Fine Dining

Fine dining is an art, and as such, an exploration, and intimate experience open to an individual’s finer sensibilities. Like Art, it is a celebration of the best in Man and Life. True to this spirit of higher accomplishment and joy, L’Angoor is conceived as a temple to the noble life. A place of congregation for the believers of Ability, Ambition and Achievement. Day after day, and night after night, within the confines of its four walls, L’Angoor celebrates the faith in Man’s superior ability to rise from the savage and reach for the sublime.

In the pristine opulence of its elegant ambience, amidst the transparent beauty of oak paneled walls suffused in dissolving light; to the mellifluous rising and falling strains of jazz music, and reaffirming laughter of life, Czars and Czarinas of this uplifting creed proudly toast to Beauty, Success, and Wealth. Every night, and every day, these pilgrims of Good Life raise their hand in a ceremonial salute to the avant garde Man – themselves.

As with every grand occasion that celebrates life, a L’Angoor experience is a ritualized extravaganza of exquisite cuisine, a selection of the world’s finest wines, and reverential service. The sensuous fete, like a classical symphony, is an inspired testimony to intricate balance and mutually complementing arrangement of good food and fine wine. Everything that reaches you, right from the hors d’oeuvres to the time you place your napkin back on the table post a delightful pudding or dessert, is handpicked by the Masters of the Ceremony – Executive Chef, Hitesh Gupta and Sommelier par excellence, Davide Zubani.

Befitting a King, the wine cellar stocks 130 of the best names in the world of liqueur, single malts and cognac. This royal collection is humbled only by the selection of jazz music at L’Angoor. Tracing the history of Jazz, from the original ‘Dixieland New Orleans’ made famous by William Bassie, to ‘Chicago Style,’ ‘BeBop,’ ‘Cool Jazz,’ ’Fusion’ and now, ‘Contemporary’ Jazz, for a true-blue fan the repertoire is a definitive study in the evolution of jazz music.

As the days fade into nights, and nights disappear into days, the panorama of Good Life unfolds over and over again at L’Angoor. In confident handshakes that seal million-dollar deals, in gentle smiles acknowledging a lifetime of love and togetherness, in ebullient laughter and suppressed chuckles, in words and coy whispers, the stories of success and joie de vivre play on. The glory of life finds expression as a subtle tribute in a raised arm, a fine liqueur, and a vivacious toast.

The celebrations at L’Angoor will continue, as long as Ability, Ambition and Achievement remain our creed. Every day, and every night, sparkling wine and a sensuous feast will be served to the accompaniment of scintillating music in the Temple of Good Life as an ode to joy. Do stop by. You are most graciously invited.


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