Blue Moon: L’Angoor Has Global Cuisine

May 19, 2011

Ever tired gulf prawn crunchy apple? Blue summer crab cakes? Or simply samosa mozzarella? imagine large prawns filled with apple and coated with chicken with sweet chilly sauce! prawn, chicken and apple, all together—a delectable preparation.i have been to many fine dining restaurants which claim to be multi-cuisine, usually wrapping up their menu with half a dozen dishes, largely continental, ones which you find in every second restaurant. l’angoor is different. The fine dining restaurant in gurgoan serves ‘global cuisine’. I had never  imagines prawns wrapped up in sheets of chicken, filled with apple and served with spicy sauce. This is a combination of the executive chef, Hitesh Gupta makes for the guests. Talking about samosa mozzarella, it turned out to be another innovation of the chef. Mixing Indian snacks with Italian mozzarella to produce a taste all together different. Crispy small samosas are filled with mozzarella cheese and served with a coating of chilly sauce, sweet- n- spicy; turns out t o be a good starter. When talking of starters, one should not forget the large collection of wines that l’angoor has in its cellar.

About 130 varieties of wines from different parts of the world- france, Italy, US, argentina, spain, chile, Australia, new Zealand, south Africa- and a wide range of prices too, starting from Rs.1600 for a bootle to Rs.42000. Davide Zubani, head sommelier, talks at length about the wines they serve at l’angoor. ”it will take some time before wine becomes popular here. In india wine is considered to be expensive and presumed that it is meant for ultra-rich for special occasions. This is not the case; there are wines which are cheaper than water in west,” says Davide as he serves an excellent red wine from Italy. Davide has spent over 13 years in Italy, Maldives, turkey, UK and Ireland specializing in wine service and pairing. Davide has had his share of experience in india as head sommelier with the Leela Kempinski  in Mumbai.

Coming back to the starters, I discovered a combination of potato and cheese could be. the chef’s potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese is an excellent preparartion for the vegetarians. To the non-vegetarians I would recommend blue summer crab cakes; they don’t look like cakes at all, but a remarkably tasty starter, devour it with some remoulade sauce goes well with almost all sea foods. Chef Hitesh Gupta’s main dish is ‘Jerk Chicken with Snapper and Pepper sauce’, a very healthy preparation. jerk is a special style of cooking in which meat is marinated with hot-spicy mixture and then baked in oven. While the chicken comes on a bed of coriander flavoured basmati rice, the snapper, a fish coming from Gulf  of Mexico and Southeast coast of US, is served with ‘jerk sauce’. Even as I enjoyed an aromatic French red wine, chef Hitesh came up with his original dessert – a scoop of ice cream with rose wine flavor. L’angoor does not serve branded ice creams, but serves its own preparations.



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