Food and Nightlife: L’Angoor

May 19, 2011

From the stable of ‘China Club’ comes another fine dining— L’Angoor, which I erroneously pronounced as langur (the ape) at first and later to its French intonation. The quirky logo brought to action with two langurs holding a bunch of grapes grabbed my attention while entering. Above, on the display is a larger-than-life wine cellar with an enticing selection of over 130 labels of wines from around the globe and a liquor rack which offers the finest single malts. The place manages to retain a contemporary feel with its no-fuss ambience and a modern, airy feel brought to life by plenty of natural oak wood (can be seen everywhere) and stylish detailing. Sinking into the rich American accent of this place, we decided to choose our chow for the evening.

The menu travels all around the world offering global delicacies divided into a dedicated set of choices for lunch and dinner. The dinner menu had exciting options and made the selection game a tasking affair. After all the hard work, we ordered a duet of chilled melon and mushroom cappuccino. The duet came decked up in a martini glass and had a balanced taste of musk melon and watermelon and the cappuccino could easily give coffee barons run for their money. From the delectable rack of appetizers, we chose chicken with mustard infused cabernet sauvignon wine, spicy mozzarella samosas and herb yogurt marinated stuffed potato barrels. The mustard spiked chicked left our tongue with a tangy tinge; the mozzarella samosas definitely qualified for another round but we wanted to save that for our next time (yes, we are coming again) and lastly, the potatoes which we tasted were in their trendiest and tastiest version.

For main course, we laid our hands on penne tossed in a creamy tomato sauce and Jamaican spiced jerk chicken. The penne came topped with Bocconcini that went smoothly down my throat coated in rich tomato gravy. The spicy chicken served with cilantro flavoured rice had a delicious jerk. For desserts, we had selection of ice-creams flavoured with rose, midori and the good old rum n’ raisin and they marked a sweet symphony with our taste buds. Every Thursday and Saturday, a live band ‘Cuenta Cuentos’ plays Latino Jazz at the restaurant followed by wine and cheese tasting with the in-house sommelier Davide Zubani. Come here for an all American Experience.



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