The Man: Phonetic Calisthenics Apart

May 22, 2011


PHONETIC CALISTHENICS APART,  this is an elegant restaurant with long row like seating. While there is little of all things French on the menu, it is indeed modern global cuisine. So while you have cheese samosas which make for an average starter, the chicken cooked in red wine gets the taste buds activated and salivating for more. The chef doesn’t disappoint as he serves up potato barrels stuffed with cheese and follows it up with a vegetable medley in cream sauce. The snapper is subtly flavoured and light on the stomach. The wine selection is truly huge – a tribute to the grape and the reason for the name of the place. Absolutely wonderful is the Kaffir lime ice cream. The flavours of this delectable combination linger in the mouth long after one has left the restaurant.



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