Pioneer: Around the World In 80 Minutes

May 19, 2011

Traditional spicy potato and peas stuffing gets replaced by the filling of mozzarella cheese and a red chilly garlic sauce replaces the tamarind chutney to enhance the taste of spicy Mozrella samosas. This is just one of the examples from the splendid menu at l’Angoor in Gurgoan. The menu combines various cuisines from across the globe to give a distinct fusion taste to the guests.

While the lunch options at the restaurant are kept light food that you can grab while you are on the move, dinner is definitely an exclusive affair with ample Mediterranean, Italian and a few Indian varieties. In addition to this, one can savour sea food delicacies with a glass of their choice of wine, “The main idea behind this kind of menu is to make people aware of the varied flavours and cuisines around the world. With this kind of menu, the food aficionados can explore and know more about contemporary food. The menu has an amalgamation of Canadian, American, European and Asian cuisine. I have made some changes in some of the dishes to suit the Indian palate, ”informs Hitesh Gupta, executive chef at the restaurant.

Dishes like Blue Summer Crab Cakes and Herb Yogurt Marinated Potato Barrels that came stuffed with cottage cheese and scallops served on a bed of corn-mush and pomegranates are a must try for the starters. Chef recommends that one swallows a piece of scallop in one go as only then one can relish both the sweet and sour taste of pomegranates and corn-mush. If you prefer soups before a meal then Mushroom Cappuccino can be a good choice. The nitrogen froth placed on the soup lends it a cappuccino effect. Chef says, “Nowadays, molecular cuisine is preferred by the people. It’s a kind of  gastronomic cuisine where nitrogen is pumped in the food to add nutritional value. So this soup is perfect for weight watchers. Sri lankan soup and yellow and red soup prepared from watermelon and yellow melon can also be a good option.”

In the main course, one can try herb crusted atlantic salmon accompanied with mushroom risotto. Mushroom risotto is a sticky Italian rice with mushroom pieces in it and when eaten with Parsley crusted Italian herbs, it gives a different flavour. Baked Mediterranean Red Snapper, which comes on a bed of creamy leeks and asparagus, is another healthy dish that one can go for.” Health is something that everyone is concerned about these days. So intentionally, I have added a lot of herbs to this dish to make it easily digestive,” informs Gupta.

Prawns Newburgh and herb-crusted atlantic salmon accompanied with mushroom risotto can be an ideal choice for those who love to gorge on seafood. There is also the juicy Jamaican spiced jerk chicken with cilantro flavoured rice and the delectable rack of New Zealand lamb drizzled with rosemary scented au jus.

And whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you cannot resist indulging in Rose flavoured Ice Cream and Kaffir Lime Ice-Cream—a wine based delicacy. Served in an orange, this dessert is a kind that you will not find easily. A dash of wine in both the the desserts can leave the taste buds asking for more.

Meal for two: Rs.2.500

Rating: 9/10

Service: 9/10






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