Mid Day: Of Wine and Women

May 19, 2011


Try l’ angoor for the uncomplicated menu and the serene atmosphere

Woman and wine certainly get along. I am convinced. What made me draw this conclusion was something that was different from the usual ostentatious wine sessions — a nice, cosy lunch on a slightly sunny winter afternoon. The two of us (the women), hungry as usual, ventured out on a much-to-do mission.

We went to an exceptionally swank place for brunch and as we entered the soft, warm interiors, it seemed a perfect choice. L’ Angoor is a quiet, tranquil restaurant. Once you are seated and get the time to look around, you feel it boasts of sophistication. Though for the not-so-sophisticated, loud people like us, it made for a rather calming tour.

We liked the seating arrangement which was unusual with special attention given to the corners. While watching the sun’s rays gleam alternately from the fine glass walls, it occurred to me that the place was peaceful.

Served with a Watermelon feta salad, we tucked in happily. It was only after a few minutes of eating that we bothered to inquire about Feta. It is a traditional Greek cheese with grainy texture, mostly used in salads. Whatever it meant, it tasted good and we got busy.

Our next dish, Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon tossed in Cream Sauce, looked like a decent pasta. That was until we tasted it. The Fettuccine, which means little ribbons in Italian, is a kind of Italian pasta dressed in bland cream sauce. While it looked alluring, the taste was disappointing.

A royal mistress
An essentially wine place, the restaurant has an impressive, modern wine cellar with wines ranging from Rs 1,600 to Rs 40,000 a bottle. Our pasta-disappointed spirits lifted as we went about the treasure trove of fancy, intriguing bottles to pick out one. Each expensive bottle tucked nicely in the cellar looked like the clandestine mistress of a royal Czar.

We chose the South African Red mistress. Main course had Jamaican spiced Jerk Chicken laid nicely on fresh green cilantro (a digestive herb, basically leaves and stem of coriander plant) flavoured rice. This was the best part. The spiced jerk chicken tasted heavenly and the royal red liquid with it just fulfilled our mission. If you are an ice cream fan, the Kaffir Lime dessert in orange and rose flavours, done with  Portuguese wines, promise to fetch you maximum delight.

For one, it is not a place for routine, customary lunches, but all the light-lunch eaters are sure to fall in love with the uncomplicated menu and the peace it offers.

At: tower c, lobby level, global business park, mg road, gurgaon
Timings: noon to 3 pm (lunch) and 7 pm to 11 pm (dinner)
Ring: 012440616666
Meal for two: Rs 2,500



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